The Tutorial Academy Program seeks to provide an avenue for extra practice beyond the team training context. There are three types of tutorials available:  Individual, Coupled and Group

Individual Tutorial Training      

Individual Training, commonly referred to as 1 on 1 training remains vital in the refinement of fundamental basketball skills. It is encouraged that all players engage in some form of one on one training. 1 on 1 training, allows the player to be the centre of attention; providing the coach with opportunities to focus solely on the players game, with emphasis on offensive and defensive skills and techniques.

Coupled Tutorial Training

The Coupled Training Program; inclusive of two players, offers a gateway to practice skills under pressure. Having two players train together has the tendency to provide an increase in intensity and competitiveness. Additionally, the Coupled Program provides opportunities to learn through watching and working with a partner.

Group Tutorial Training

Group Training comprises of a range of players within a similar age and ability bracket that seek to improve their basketball skills and knowledge. Conducted as a school curriculum, the program focuses on tackling one concept at a time in a block to block sequence.  Be sure to view our Facebook page for weekly topics.

Group Training Timetable 

Every Saturday of the school term, except during public holiday weekends. 

Note: The below categories are general – we will place you according to skill level.

Time Level Age Group
9.00-9.45am Youngling

Early introduction to basketball. Aimed at improving gross motor skills and development. Gateway for interactions with other children.

Typically appropriate for 4-4-6 year-olds 
9.45-10.45am Advance                          

 Rep like training, high intensity


Typically appropriate for 10-15 year olds
10.45-11.45pm Intermediate Typically appropriate for under 10 year olds


11.45-12.45pm Beginners  Typically appropriate for 7-15 year olds, that are new to basketball

To inquire please contact us: 

   Phone: +61 (0) 448693685