Tuition Training

SKills Development Training

Advance Training9.30 – 10.30amTypically suitable for players 10-15 yold, with min. 3 years playing experience
Intermediate Training10.30 – 11.30amTypically suitable for players 8-15 yold, with min. 2 years playing experience
Beginners Training11.30 – 12.30pmTypically suitable for new players 7-15 yold
Term 1: 8 Feb – 22 Marc

Coupled 2 v 1 & PRIVATE GROUP TraininG

Partnership and small group training creates opportunities to refine individual skills, practice under pressure and replicate game based scenarios. 

Individual 1 v 1 Training

1 on 1 training allows the player to be the center of attention; with focus on offensive and defensive skills and technique refinement