The following document provides you with information regarding our services. By booking with SIDA you hereby acknowledge and agree with the SIDA Basketball terms and conditions as an individual and/or as a collective (team). Our terms and conditions are as follow:

Section 1: General Terms

1.0    Acknowledgment – In booking SIDA holiday camps, Group skills and or Female Development training, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following;

1.1    Attire – Basketballers must wear appropriate clothing and footwear for safety when participating in SIDA holiday camps and clinics.

1.2    Punctuality – Basketballers are required to arrive to the clinics on time. Parents and/or guardians are required to collect children from the clinics on time.

1.3    Allergies – Due to high incidences of allergies, no nuts or nut containing products are permitted at SIDA Basketball clinics.

1.4    Property – Basketballers are responsible for looking after their own property. SIDA will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to personal belongings.

1.5    Liability – In contracting SIDA services you hereby release and discharge SIDA Basketball staff from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that you may have for injuries of, damages to or death of a player arising out of the activities entered into. Participants, parents and guardians agree and understand that by participating they do so at their own risk.

1.6    Injuries – It is the responsibility of participants to inform SIDA in writing of any illnesses, injuries or conditions that may be affected by the activities at training, games and clinics.

1.7    Emergencies – In the event of an emergency, SIDA holds the right to provide basic medical care or seek for emergency services with any associated costs passed on to the parent or guardian of the child.

1.8    Photographs – Photographs and or video footage may be captured by SIDA for promotional and analytical use.

1.9    For further information refer to

Section 2:  Fees

2.0    Acknowledgment – I understand a 3-day policy is utilised to reserve a place at SIDA holiday camps to minimise disappointment.

2.1    Payment Terms – Payment must be settled in full, three days before camp commences. Invoices are to be paid in full, in one transaction.

2.2    Late Fees – I understand that an additional fee of 10% may be incurred for late payments of invoices.

2.3    Cancellations & Refunds – A refund will be granted for cancellations notified three days before camp commences.

2.4    Transfers (Group Skills/FDP) – I understand that SIDA’s Group Skills Training & FDP Program are booked on a term to term basis. Packages are non transferable, non refundable and will not roll over.

2.5    Waiting List  – Basketballers who do not make the 3-day policy will go on a waiting list and be offered a spot if one becomes available.

Thank you for your co-operation