It is important that your child practices with the correct size basketball. Using the wrong size may inhibit the correct development of technique. 
  • Under 6 years old: size 4 ball is appropriate  
  • Age 6-8 (grade 1-3): size 5 ball is appropriate  
  • Age 9-14 (grade 4-year 8): size 6 ball is appropriate. This is the official size basketball for women’s basketball, used in the WNBL and WNBA.
  • Age 15+: size 7 ball is appropriate (boys only). This is the official size basketball for men’s basketball, used in the NBL and NBA.
No, basketball shoes are not compulsory, though it is advised that your child has a pair for safety reasons. Basketball shoes tend to have a lot more grip (less slippage) and offer ankle support. Netball shoes such as Asics are also applicable. It is best to avoid street and flat shoes. 
Training will continue until the end of the school term. As we are a training academy, we believe that practice makes improvement and that the team benefits greatly from having training without the pressure of game preparation. The training sessions allow SIDA coaches to up-skill the players for the following term and year; creating opportunities to refine the players’ skills. Additionally, it allows the coach to focus directly on individual players, introduce new skills or plays that players go away to practice prior to the following term. Typically, during the school holidays, the majority of junior players do not train, having additional weeks off without training can be detrimental to the learning process.To determine the last day of training, please refer to the dates marked on the invoice.